Boquete: Adventure, Nature and Gastronomy

Boquete panama

Boquete is a beautiful mountain city located in the province of Chiriquí, northwest of Panama. This city is known for its incredible weather, beautiful and lush vegetation, and vibrant social life.

You can meet people from all over the world. This city has become a great retirement center for retirees due to the incredible climate. Additionally, many expats inhabit Boquete to enjoy the laid back lifestyle.

Boquete offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in an environment that combines nature, culture and adventure.

For nature lovers

The Boquete area is characterized by its exuberant tropical forests, which are home to a wide variety of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. There is also a large number of exotic trees and plants, such as palm trees, orchids and bromeliads.

Nature lovers will be able to carry out activities such as nature photography, camping and bird watching such as the quetzal.

The main attraction of the area is the Barú Volcano and the highlands, however near Boquete there are incredible islands and beaches, including Playa Las Lajas, Playa El Estero and Playa Chiriquí Grande, the beautiful Islas Secas and the Boca Chica area.


For adventure lovers

Boquete offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages and levels.

Without a doubt, the most challenging trail is the ascent to the Barú Volcano National Park, a journey that can take at least 9 hours and climb to a maximum height of 3,478 meters above sea level.

Additionally, visitors can do river rafting in the Chiriquí Viejo River, Canopy or Zip-Line in Boquete Tree Trek, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing and much more.

For lovers of culture and gastronomy

Boquete’s main fair is the Feria de las Flores y el Café, with extravagant and colorful flower displays, held every year in January, attracting visitors from all over Panama and internationally.

For children, it is essential to visit strawberry and blackberry harvests at the local farm of La Granjerita  and ride a horse among the impressive coffee plantations of the Finca Lerida hotel.

The gastronomy of Boquete is quite an experience that makes the experience in Boquete more special, among the most recommendedThe Rock Boquete, Tac’h Tac’h part of the Hotel Panamonte of the renowned Chef Charlie Collins and Raíces inside the Hacienda Los Molinos hotel.

You will find the best gelato at Gelatería La Ghiotta, which includes vegan options.

In Boquete it is essential to eat strawberries with cream. The places in which to do it, informal but cozy and usually located along the main road between Boquete, Volcán and Cerro Punta.

Lastly, Boquete Brewing Factory is a popular spot for a night of beer, casual food, and live music.


For coffee lovers

Explore the farms that produce the famous Geisha coffee in Boquete, taking guided tours of the coffee plantations. The tours offered by Lamastus Family Estates, Café Suarez Panamá and Finca Lerida represent some very good options to learn more about this premium product of Panama.

Why invest in Boquete

Boquete is also an ideal place to invest in Real Estate. Many foreign investors have bought properties in Boquete, due to the great opportunity to obtain good profitability and attractive prices. The area offers great potential for property development, agriculture and livestock.

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