The second largest lung of the planet is a vast tropical rainforest with an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna. A UNESCO World Heritage jewel where the jungle merges with the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

An ecological wonderland on Panama's easternmost tip

Darien is one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the planet and has such dense forests that it is the only point that interrupts the Pan-American Highway. Indigenous communities dedicated to hunting, gathering, fishing or artisan crafts coexist with guacamayos, parrots, tapirs or harpy eagles. A real treasure where you can dive into nature or discover hidden beaches and taste the marine gastronomy eating lobsters or shrimps.

Native American history hidden in the dense jungle

Darien is the largest province of Panama. Its capital is La Palma. 

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There are few places in this world like Darien. It has always been of interest to biologists, anthropologists, businessmen and other countries. It possesses great beauty, the natural environment in harsh and the indian tribes are real. It is the last frontier for the country and to many, for the world. It is where the interamerican highway ends and Darien gap begins. This gap has no highway system to connect North America to South America, from Alaska to Patagonia. Popular destinations: Punta Patiño Natural Reserve, Pierre Hill, Boca De Sábalo, Boca De Cupe, San Blas, Porvenir, Bahia Las Piñas.

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