Nortown Panama Norte

  • US $14,383,826
Carretera Gonzalillo Pedregal, Alcalde Díaz, Distrito Panamá, Panamá, Panama

Nortown Panama Norte

Carretera Gonzalillo Pedregal, Alcalde Díaz, Distrito Panamá, Panamá, Panama
  • US $14,383,826


ID propiedad: 428
  • Terreno
  • Tipología
  • 38356.47
  • 38356.47
  • Lot m²
  • Negocios
  • Estilo de vida


For this sector, a TERRITORIAL ORDERING SCHEME has been prepared, it has been configured in a joint planning with the developments that are executed in the area, such as Mirador del Pacífico and Porta Norte, with the urban development regulations in force in the Republic of Panama , as well as a land use, that allows to develop in the North sector of the city of Panama, the present project of residential development of low and high density, as well as commercial and industrial, in approximately 360 hectares of land in a horizon planning for 10 to 15 years.

For this project to become a reality, both the private sector and the authorities of the urban development sector must put all their interest in achieving effective coordination, in such a way that together we can reach and implement the control and follow-up mechanisms so that a reality, and at the same time, the standards and parameters contained in this EOT are complied with, as well as the current studies of the area under study, whose objectives are the following:

Offer the necessary flexibility to analyze the various opportunities for economic development and job creation.
Allow the interpretation of legal norms in a flexible way.
Allow to control and regulate the growth of the area.
Allow the establishment of special treatment areas in relation to commercial, industrial and residential developments.
Zone the area.
Establish criteria for future developments and achieve the protection of the natural conditions of the subsoil and the ecological protection of projects near the Basin.

  • Zona Panama Norte
  • Provincia Panamá provincia
  • Propiedad Nortown
  • País Panamá


Actualizado en mayo 10, 2022 a 7:00 pm
  • ID propiedad: 428
  • Precio: US $14,383,826
  • Tamaño propiedad: 38356.47 m²
  • Tamaño terreno: 38356.47 m²
  • Tipología: Terreno
  • Disposición propiedad: Venta
  • Estilo de vida: Negocios
  • Tipo de construcción: Mercado secundario


  • Security
  • Ubicación excelente

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