Walls that tell stories of centuries ago and spaces that transport you to a time in the past where the magic of history is breathed in every corner.

Taste Panama's great colonial past

Having the privilege of living inside a piece of history is only within the reach of a few, those who can appreciate the greatness of the past in order to face the future with more determination.

An architectural history forged by the Canal

Caribbean influence, neoclassicism, art-deco, art-nouveu, functionalism and post-modernism have blended in the country’s architecture thanks to the worldwide influences that the Canal has attracted over the years. A unique opportunity to discover hidden gems in the streets that Aquire Panama puts in your hands.

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Palaces of baroque influence, old lordly mansions, marvelous facades, picturesque ceilings, vigorous columns, old galleries and reddish roofs… the pleasure of discovering something special in each and every layer.

Panama hides in its streets the secrets of a life at the center of history, forged by people from all over the world who have left their imprint on its buildings.

Explore historic destinations

Discover a spectacular land full of nature’s contrasts and hidden surprises.

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