Los Santos

The past still beats in the hearts of the people in this land in the southeastern part of the Azuero Peninsula. A stunning tropical province of contrasts from the Central Highlands to its famous beaches where surfing and whale watching are the stars.

Tradition, nature and the magnificent Pacific Ocean

The warm weather is mitigated at night by the ocean breeze in the colonial Los Santos. Spectacular beaches such el Arenal, el Puerto, Venao or las Cañas, beautiful rivers like as El Tabuara and Río Oria and attractions such el Peñón de la Honda or Isla Iguana shape an incomparable environment. If you love surfing, fishing or even whale wathing, welcome to your personal paradise.

A unique blend of Hispanic influence and indigenous roots

Los Santos is a province located at the southeastern part of the Azuero peninsula. 

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Its capital is Las Tablas which is the most populated area. Although it is one of the smallest provinces, it is the most important in agriculture and livestock. It is considered, together with Herrera province, as the birthplace of Panamanian tradition and folklore. It has national parks, surfing beaches, folkloric dances, local gastronomy, lovely towns and many festivities such as the famous carnavales in Chitre and Las Tablas, The 1,000 Polleras Festival, and the Mejoranta National fair. Popular destinations: Venao Beach, Iguana Island, Uverito Beach, Los Destiladeros Beach, Belisario Porras Museum, Santa Librada Church, and Pedasi.

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