If you love nature and like to discover the most remote spots, you will find your happiness among the infinite views that only the highest place in the mountains can offer.

The spectacular summit call

Panama’s central mountain range crosses the country leaving in its path some unforgettable places that the outdoor enthusiast is eager to discover. Settling on the peak is only reserved for a select chosen few.

Breathe the purest air while admiring immeasurable landscapes

Waking up every day surrounded by miles of open and authentic nature is a pleasure that that echoes on the quality of your life. Today, a mountain retreat is an aspirational treasure and you can enjoy with the guidance of Acquire Panama’s expert team.

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The peaks of Panama, with its peak of almost 11,500 feet above sea level of the famous Baru Volcano, represent a spectacle as exciting as it is surprising. A mountain range that runs through the country between two oceans and hides secrets that not even a hundred lives can reveal.

Discover the opportunity to enjoy the power of nature in its purest state, as close as you wish.

Explore mountain destinations

Discover a spectacular land full of nature’s contrasts and hidden surprises.

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