Ocean Front

A confidant, a friend, an immense and alive place where we can find ourselves. The sea is so many things… and sharing every day with it is a unique experience.

Imagine the sea, feel the sea

Living in front of the sea has been a magnetic attraction since immemorial times: the whisper of the waters, the strength of the waves, the landscape that is drawn up and changes every minute. Feeling its power and living its rhythms is the most sophisticated therapy for happiness.

Searching for a sunrise on the hunt for sunset

Every sunset becomes a spectacle in the same places where sunrise is an event. That is why, at Acquire Panama, we put all our efforts in selecting the perfect places to savor them.

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Some say that certain people are born with a sailor’s heart and, even if they don’t sail, they are attracted to the sea like the stars are attracted to each other. If you dream of lying down and getting up in front of the waves every day, maybe you are one of them.

Now, on the Panamanian coast, that fantasy can become a reality in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Explore ocean front destinations

Discover a spectacular land full of nature’s contrasts and hidden surprises.

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