Isla de Puercos in Contadora

  • US $11,000,000
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Contadora, Saboga, Distrito Balboa, Panamá, Panama
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Isla de Puercos in Contadora

Contadora, Saboga, Distrito Balboa, Panamá, Panama
  • US $11,000,000


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Isla de Puercos consists of approximately 200 acres of untouched beauty, located in the Gulf of Panama just south in the Pacific Ocean from Panama City, Panama. The Island has multiple white beaches, clear warm waters and is part of the rich in history Pearl Island chain. One can actually catch Tuna and Snapper from one of the Island’s many points. Isla de Puercos is one of only a few islands with single ownership and clean unencumbered title. Ownership of Isla de Puercos is held by a Panamanian corporation. Buyer can acquire the Island independently or purchase the unencumbered corporation.

There are 11 beaches; two of beaches are over 200 meters long. The highest point of the Island is approximately 100 meters making it a perfect location for a villa to view the surrounding Islands and beyond. Isla de Puercos is untouched and is zoned for many uses. The Island’s views are completely breath taking surrounded by still clear aqua blue waters and has the luxury of having a natural still water harbor, it’s a must see to believe. Perfect for sport fishing business, retreat, private home, resort or a place to park your money as an investment. The Island is only 2 kilometers from the big Island of Isla Del Rey and just south of Panama City, (note: the Island of del Rey is larger than the island country of Aruba) Travel to Isla de Puercos is easy with daily ferry service and commercial flights to neighboring islands. Many of the surrounding Islands are developed or in the process of development.

The Island has several seasonal streams and safe calm water beaches. The Island has been explored by a hydrologist for the potential of well water. It was determined that the subsurface is conducive for fresh water. Current owner decided not to drill for water since desalination units are easier and cheaper to supply any required needs for development. Desalination units are utilized by most small islands (desalination units that produces 1,000 gallons per day costs around $10,000 US).

Solar, Wind Generator and diesel can be implemented and is widely used to supply electricity for most islands.


104 Hectare

1,040,000/- sqm

Free clean Title


Tourism / commercial

Residential development

Sport fishing enterprise

Eco tourism

Beach and water sports

$11,000,000 USD
Seller will consider terms
Seller will pay 50% of the Title insurance cost to insure title

About the Pearl Islands
The Pearl Islands of Panama is an archipelago which the locals call the islands Islas de las Perlas, a name that dates back from Spanish colonial times. The Spanish Conquistadors discovered the islands in 1503 and gave the Islands its name due to the great amounts of pearls found on them. The biggest island by far is Isla Del Ray but Contadora Island is the most notable for tourist, it offers great resorts, hotels and an Airport. In 1979, the Shah of Iran briefly took exile on Isla Contadora. Domestic airlines Air Panama and Aero Perlas run frequent flights between Panama City and Contadora, Isla San José and Isla del Rey. Another noteworthy island is Isla Saboga, you can find traditional Island culture here.


The Pearl Islands are most famous for their spectacular white sand beaches, scuba diving, marine life (whale watching) and delicate ecosystems. Panamanian law to preserve the life on the islands protects the islands flora and fauna. Over 70% of the Pearl Islands is owned and protected by the Panamanian Government (Note; no part of Isla de Puercos is owned by the government)

The Pearl Islands are located in the North Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Panama. A trip to the Islands is not that far from mainland Panama.

At first the Pearl Islands were reserved only for the rich and the famous and getting to the islands was expensive, just like the hotels and resort. But now the tourism industry is booming and the first ferries from mainland Panama have made transportation easy and relatively cheap. These ferries can take you to the Islands for a small price. Nowadays there are more hotels, hostels, resorts and restaurants to choose from on multiple islands. Some of which are expensive and others are affordable. The popularity of the Isla de Las Perlas was boosted by the CBS Broadcasting television show Survivor.

The Pearl Islands are located on the coordinates 8.3333° N, 79.1167° W not far from the equator. Therefore, the climate on the Pearl Islands is different than in the US. There are only two seasons, a dry and wet season. This doesn’t always apply since some years receive rain all year around and sometimes the islands experience a dry year. Some of the benefits being located so close to the equator are the stable temperature all year around and no hurricanes.

As we mentioned above the Pearl Islands of Panama only experience two types of seasons. There is a wet season which experiences much more rain and clouds than the dry season that has higher temperatures and clear skies.

The dry season
The dry seasons is probably the best time to visit the Pearl Islands since the weather is nice and you probably won’t experience much rain. The dry season starts in December and end in April. The average temperature in these months is around 31°C degrees Celsius (87 degrees F) and rainfall is around 3mm averages each month. Expect around 5/6 hours of sunshine every day. You will be able to enjoy the islands in 11.7 hours of daylight

The wet season
The wet season kicks in around June to November with its peak in October. This is probably the best season to spot humpback whales. The average month will receive around 20-25 mm of rain, which is more than the dry season but still not that much. The average temperature in these months is almost the same as in the dry season around 30°C degrees Celsius (86 degrees F) with at least 5 hours of sunshine. You can enjoy the islands in at least 12 hours of daylight. The only real difference with the dry season is that there are more clouds around this time of the year.

Water temperature
One of the great differences of the Pacific Ocean is that the water temperature is slightly lower than for example on the same longitudes in the Caribbean Sea. The average water temperature is between 24°-29°C (75-84 degrees F) and can be even colder when Nordic winds blow the sea currents along the Bay of Panama.

Getting to the Pearl Island

Getting to the Pearl Islands is easy and fast from Panama City. Since the Islands are located just off shore the Panamanian mainland an estimated travel time takes only one to two hours in total. There are three ways to get to any of the Pearl Islands from Panama City.

The fastest way to get to the Pearl Islands is by plane. Flying to the Pearl Islands will get you from Panama City Airport to Contadora Island in only 15 minutes. The most frequent air service to the Islands is Air Panama and Aero Perlas, with frequent flights daily. This is not the cheapest way to get to the islands, adding up check in time etc

  • Zone Isla Contadora
  • Province Panama
  • Country Panamá


Updated on February 8, 2023 at 4:38 pm
  • Property ID: 659
  • Price: US $11,000,000
  • Property Size: 100000000 m²
  • Property Type: Island
  • Property Status: Sale
  • Lifestyles: Beach, Business
  • Construction type: Secondary market

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