Why Panama?

Bridge of the World… Heart of the Universe.

Due to its geographical position and the Panama Canal, is positioned as one of the best connected countries in the world, which makes it the hub for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Its geographical diversity with virgin forests, mountains, tropical islands and its contrasting modern capital make Panama an attractive point for the whole world.

15 reasons to choose Panama


Stable economy and government.


Dollarized economy.


Favorable incorporation laws.


Logistics Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean:

  1. Connected to the world with 144 marine routes to more than 160 countries.
  2. Flights to more than 89 destinations and 16MM passengers per year.
  3. Has 5 of the 10 ports in the region.
  4. Receives and transports cargo to more than 152 ports in 54 countries.

Most sophisticated and advanced health system in Latin America.


High-level education.


Headquarters of more than 162 multinational companies that represent a foreign investment of US$ 1,173 million for the country.


The real estate sector offers a wide range of projects to invest in.

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Diverse geography, with virgin forests, mountains, tropical islands and a great modern capital with urban development and all the facilities.


"Tax-friendly" where foreign earned income, foreign earned capital gains, and bank interest income are not taxable and do not need to be reported.


Latin America digital hub: It has a robust network of 7 fiber optic submarine cables that converge to the country interconnected with the terrestrial fiber optic central backbone network.


The Panama Canal is strategically located in the center of the Western Hemisphere, Panama is the perfect place for goods to be distributed internationally and tax free.


Panama's duty-free zones allow companies to import and export products from Panama without import or export taxes.


Second largest international banking center in the world.


Retiree benefits and discount.

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